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YouTube influencer:

We are on YouTube now =)
Access is currently restricted to enrolled students, but check it out anyway!

New team members in 2021:

Our team will grow =)
In the next month, we will welcome Tiziano Paravicini, Maria Milosevic and Anne Heberle!
Good luck with your work!

A new exciting article!

Gerna, D., Arc, E., Holzknecht, M., Roach, T., Jansen-Dürr, P., Weiss, A. K. H., et al., AtFAHD1a: A New Player Influencing Seed Longevity and Dormancy in Arabidopsis?, Int. J. Mol. Sci. 22, 2997 (2021), DOI:10.3390/ijms22062997

Nothing new in 2021:

2020 just continues, so try to stay healthy and sane =)

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